1-Day Lavender Farm Canoe Trip

This guided trip is ideal for families and beginners, even those simply wanting a "taste" of what it would be like to Canoe the Whanganui River, before deciding on a longer trip.

$ NZD Adult: 375 | Child: 375

DEPARTURE: Cherry Grove, Taumaranui.


DATES: Depart on demand, October to May.


Lavender Farm Day Trip Itinerary

The trip departs from our base of operations in Ohakune, where you can take in the town and discover why it's called the adventure capital of the North Island. We provide transport to the launch point in Taumarunui and shuttle you back to Ohakune at the end of the day, so there is no need to worry about transportation. If you would like to make this a fully hassle free trip then consider staying with us at our onsite motel in Ohakune the night before your tour.

This Whanganui Canoe Trip will take you down 22km of the river, you'll need approximately 5 hours to complete it. This stretch of river is slow-moving and picturesque, a perfect way to introduce beginners to the river. The journey is filled with small bouncy rapids will ease you into the art of canoeing.

Lunch is on the riverbank or after a short walk to the Lavender farm café where you can enjoy a cold drink, tea or espresso amongst the breathtaking surroundings of the river and the vibrant lavender fields.

On this particular trip, we often use a mixture of canoes. Our 6 person guided voyager canoes are ideal for families and beginners. This trip is suitable for the whole family and all abilities. See a different side of the river with our 1 day Lavender Farm Canoe Trip.

Step Back into the Past and Experience the Whanganui Like Never Before

Our lavender farm voyage is a great option for those with only one day to spare or those who want a taste of the Whanganui River, so they know what to expect when they come back for more.

During your trip, you’ll paddle back through time, gliding past remnants of early Aotearoa held in place by the calm waters. The lengths of the riverbank are steeped with ancient native bush that has been inhabiting the area long before us and will still be there long after we’re gone.

There is plenty of early Riverboat history to be seen with the remains of rock weirs that were made over 100 years ago to keep the river channels deep enough for the boats to navigate.

Leaving the river and stepping out of the past will have you arriving at the lavender farm café towards the end of the day. Experience Whanganui like never before and take our lavender farm canoe trip today.

Feel up for a challenge? Find out more about Canoeing the Whanganui River over 3,4 or 5 days.

1 Day Whanganui Trip FAQ's

  • What is included on my 1 Day Whanganui Tour?
    Quite Simply- Everything! We cover the food & drinks, the guide, the transport to and from the river and all of the equipment. You need to bring the correct clothing, footwear and other personal items such as a camera, water bottle & sunscreen.  Find out more about what to bring on your Whanganui River Trip here.