Our Guides

Each season brings new guides from New Zealand and around the world. All are river professionals and great cooks as well! We are the only company on the Whanganui river that hires guides with river rescue qualifications and Canoe specific guiding certificates. Your safety, comfort and river experience is our total priority!!

We are very fortunate this season to be able to employ some of the best river guides you will find anywhere in the world. Canoe Safaris is the only company to employ "full time" guides - they are trained professionals and their experience and knowledge can make a huge difference to your enjoyment and safety on a trip. All guides are trained in First Aid/CPR, and most also have qualifications in Swiftwater Rescue, Risk Management, Weather reading, and many are qualified Raft guides.

They are also great cooks and entertainers.

Canoe Safaris has over 25 years experience on our rivers - we are passionate river paddlers and we enjoy sharing this passion, along with the best river and camping equipment with our customers.

Aidan Williams.

Aidan just loves canoeing!!  He has been canoe guiding for years on the Ardeche river in France and having some great British Canoe Union qualifications means he is the best option for teaching the finer points of Canoeing the Whanganui.  A real professional who cares about his customers experience on and off the water, Aidan will always make sure you have an amazing time out there.

Greg Nettleton

Greg loves all things canoeing and is very excited to be joining the Canoe Safaris team. He has guided whitewater canoe trips in Canada for a number of years, and this will be his first year guiding with Canoe Safaris. Greg also loves cooking, photography, and skipping rocks. 

Phil Collins

Yes that's his name!  Phil started working here in 2013 after three years guiding in Canada and many more before that in Australia.  He loves it so much that along with his partner Kirsty he has bought the company.  You will see Phil guiding early and late season trips, driving the buses around and helping to organise and plan trips.  If you stop by for a chat or to check in for a trip, Phil (and Kirsty) will make sure you have everything you need for a comfortable and fantastic experience on the Whanganui or Rangitikei rivers. 

Bruce & George

Bruce & George are the wonderful brothers that roam the canoe safaris base from day to day.  Their hobbies include sniffing, licking and sneaking off with other peoples food.  They are both great at welcoming all new guests to the property and distracting them from what actually needs to be done.  At only 3 years & 1 year old, standing at 12 inches high they are still learning their swimming techniques and will be great team members once their skills and training match their enthusiasm.  

Canon Larsen

Canon is full time with us here at Canoe Safaris and first paddled the Whanganui river in 2013.  He has been guiding with us for four seasons and comes from the Kapiti coast.  Canon is passionate about this area, and will go the extra mile to make sure everyone has a great time, he also fancies himself as a bit of a kitchen whizz, so ask him for something special.  In the wintertime you can find him still working locally at Turoa Ski Field up Mount Ruapehu.  

Erin Storosko

Erin has been a Raft and Canoe Guide in Canada, having decided to put her teaching career on hold for a bit.  After graduating from British Columbia's Thompson Rivers University and working seasons there, she has joined us for her sercond season to lead trips on the Whanganui and Rangitikei rivers.  A strong team player with great group and coaching skills, Erin is a welcome returnee for the 2019/2020 Canoe Safaris team.  

Tayler Olver


Tayler loves canoeing and is excited to have joined the canoe safaris team this season! She has spent the past few years guiding various tours & camps in both NZ and Canada and loves spending time outdoors. Tayler is a recent graduate in Swift Water Rescue and Pre Hospital Emergency Care for Outdoor Professionals. She works hard at making everyone feel comfortable and happy while on the river and when she isn't on the water, she is always exploring other parts of this country.