Planning your Rangitikei Or Whanganui River Canoe Trip and have some extra questions? See if we can answer them below!

This Varies on how many days you choose to spend exploring and Canoeing the Whanganui River and what you would personally like to get out of your trip. All Trips finish at the same point of Pipiriki and you can decide if you spend 3, 4 or 5 Days paddling your way there! The 3 and 4 Day Canoe Trips are both 90km From Whakahoro, the 5 Day Canoe Trip is 120km from Ohinepane. This may sound like a long distance to paddle! But your experienced guides help you work on your technique to help you navigate the river and it's rapids with ease. Even leaving time each day to explore a canyon, tributary or hidden waterfall!

Our customer age range is from 6 years old upto...well we have no limit! We have celebrated an 82nd Birthday on the majestic Whanganui River before! Our trips and the Whanganui River Journey do require a basic level of fitness and a strong, positive, can-do attitude. We won't lie to you - This Canoe journey can be a little physically demanding at times and you may use muscles you never knew you had! However, we like to tailor our suggestions for river trips to each customer. For example if you are a young, strong fit backpacker who is short on time, the 3 Day Whanganui Guided Tour may be perfect for you! And if you are a family of 5 with young children we will suggest a longer trip such as the 4 Day Whanganui Guided Tour so you are paddling less hours per day to avoid fatigue and lack of concentration with the kids and do an extra swim stop or rock jump! And If you are 60-80 years old we may recommend the 4 day trip or 5 day Guided Canoe Trip option to give you flexibility throughout each day to take it a bit slower and enjoy your surroundings a bit more. If you have physical limitations that you think may hinder your performance in a canoe.. you may be very, very wrong and we may have a way to help you complete this trip. You would be surprised who we have helped make it down the Whanganui River. (Wheelchairs won't stop us!) If you are unsure about your fitness levels and have some more specific questions or worries. Please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can talk more in detail.

Well, Well, Well. This is maybe our most frequently asked question! You are absolutely guaranteed to enjoy your Whanganui River trip come Rain or Shine. Rain isn't necessarily a negative thing! In fact, a little bit of rain can actually make your trip easier due to higher water and can also produce some spectacular waterfalls! Our Whanganui And Rangitikei River Trips operate from late September to the end Of April every year. In the early & late season (September - October & March - April) You will experience some chillier temperatures in the morning & evenings and the water will be colder than during peak summer months. We recommend the 3 Day trip in September & early October to make use of the huts and warm fires. During December to February you can usually expect high temperatures and long, sunny days with a few tropical rainy periods scattered here and there. It is during these months that the water is low and we recommend the 4 Day Guided Tour or the 5 Day Whanganui River Trip as the 3 Day trip can be a little rushed. Of course in any month, we have safety parameters that we VERY strictly stick to and we will never send you out in unsafe conditions