Whanganui River Guided Tours

A Guided Whanganui River Canoe Tour through the spectacular Whanganui National Park is a great way to unwind away from the pressures of everyday life. Unlike other North Island Activities or attractions, Canoeing is an adventure that allows you to take in all of the scenic beauty of the Whanganui National Park.

Enjoy a Scenic Ride

Just imagine a holiday away from it all, no cell phones, no television, no shops, no traffic. Just you and your partner, an open Canadian canoe, a few books maybe, and some friends or family to share in this unique experience. The most popular journey is the Four day Whanganui River Canoe Tour however we offer both a Five day Whanganui River Canoe Trip and a Three day Whanganui River Canoe Experience.

A vast portion of the stretch of river we cover is almost inaccessible from land. This is the type of adventure that all New Zealanders and visitors alike should experience at least once in their life, have a family trip, a solo scenic experience or get a group to experience a new adventure sport while canoeing in New Zealand. Come and Canoe the Whanganui River with us - Words alone cannot describe its special magic!