1 Day Lavendar Farm Canoe

  • $ NZD Adult: 325.00 | Child: 325.00
  • DEPARTURE: Ohakune
  • DATES: Depart on demand, October to May.

This is a new trip for the season on the upper section of the Whanganui River. This trip is ideal for families and those wanting a "taste" of open canoeing before deciding on a longer trip

The trip departs from our base in Ohakune and we provide transport to the start at Taumarunui and back at the end of the day. There are many small bouncy rapids on the way to our takeout at Ohinepane - 22km downstream.

There is plenty of early Riverboat history to be seen with the remains of rock weirs that were made over 100 years ago to keep the river channels deep enough for the boats to navigate. Lunch that we provide is on the riverbank or after a short walk to the Lavender Farm Cafe where you can enjoy a cold drink, tea or espresso coffee.

A great option for those with only one day to spare or those who want a taste of the Whanganui River so they know what to expect when they come back for more!

Lunch is on the riverbank or after a short walk to the Lavender Farm Cafe where you can enjoy a cold drink, tea or espresso coffee. We often use a mixture of canoes on this trip - our 6 person guided Voyageur canoes are ideal for family groups. This trip is suitable for the whole family and takes around 5 hours

Trip Dates and Group Discounts: Group concessions are available


Day 01

We depart from our base in Ohakune at 8.00am and drive to Taumarunui. (Note: we can pick you up in National Park or Taumarunui). After unloading canoes and paddle instruction/safety briefing we set off onto the Whanganui. There are lots of small bouncy rapids and your guide will show you the best way to paddle through them. There is plenty of time to stop for a swim and we have morning tea before we reach our lunch stop at the lavender farm. There is time for a short walk to views over the river, and for a cold or hot drink from the cafe. After lunch we paddle for another hour to our take-out at Ohinepane. We return to Ohakune at around 4.00pm.



Consider your clothing in two parts. Firstly, what you will wear canoeing and secondly, what you will need in camp. Also work on the assumption that your canoeing clothes will get wet so you must have a dry change for campwear.


We advise everyone to wear something on his or her feet at all times. There will be occasions when you will need to step out of your canoe into river shallows. In these slippery conditions sandshoes or sandals are better than jandals.

Canoeing Clothes

Swimwear. Sandshoes, sandals or wetsuit booties. Shorts. Sunhat. Woolen or polypropylene top. Waterproof lightweight jacket or parka. Windproof leggings (optional). Woolen socks. Tracksuit or polypro pants (not jeans or any cotton). Light gloves (for warmth or blisters)


Sleeping bag. Extra snacks, Sunglasses (with strap). Torch. Insect repellent. Sunscreen. Camera. Plastic bags/rubbish bags. Umbrella (optional). Water bottle. Book or other reading material. First Aid Kit. Spare rope. Personal medication (if required). Other personal items.