About Canoeing in New Zealand

For canoeing beginners or experienced paddlers, the Whanganui River and Rangitikei Rivers are just waiting to be enjoyed and experienced by all.

"The movement of a canoe is like a reed in the wind. Silence is part of it, and the sounds of lapping water, bird songs, and wind in the trees. It is part of the medium through which it floats, the sky, the water, the shores…. There is magic in the feel of a paddle and the movement of a canoe, a magic compounded of distance, adventure, solitude, and peace. The way of a canoe is the way of the wilderness, and of a freedom almost forgotten. It is an antidote to insecurity, the open door to waterways of ages past and a way of life with profound and abiding satisfactions. When a man is part of his canoe, he is part of all that canoes have ever known.”

- Sigurd Olson

History of the Whanganui River

When the great mountains Tongariro and Taranaki came into conflict over the love of the beautiful Mount Pihanga, a mighty battle ensued.

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Rangitikei River Trips

If you want a river with plenty of small rapids, steep gorges, clear water, quiet campsites and plenty of fun then this is the trip.

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Kayak and Canoe Rental

Canoe Safaris has over forty open Canoes and Kayaks for Guided trips and Rental as well as two inflatable self bailing kayaks.

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