Our Guides

Each season brings new guides from New Zealand and around the world. All are river professionals and great cooks as well!

We are very fortunate this season to be able to employ some of the best river guides you will find anywhere in the world. Canoe Safaris is the only company to employ "full time" guides - they are trained professionals and their experience and knowledge can make a huge difference to your enjoyment and safety on a trip. All guides are trained in First Aid/CPR, and most also have qualifications in Swiftwater Rescue, Risk Management, Weather reading, and many are qualified Raft guides.

They are also great cooks and entertainers.

Canoe Safaris has over 25 years experience on our rivers - we are passionate river paddlers and we enjoy sharing this passion, along with the best river and camping equipment with our customers.

Darryl Jones

Darryl has worked with Canoe Safaris for 5 seasons. He is a local to the Ruapehu area and has spent alot of time on the Rangitikei River. He is a Whanganui River Guide, an aspirant raft guide, and over the winter works as a Ski Patroller for Ruapehu Alpine Lifts. Daz is into any outdoors experience and keen on Mountain Biking, Skiing and Kayaking.

Sarah Cate

Sarah now runs her own inflatable kayak adventure company (www.npadventures.co.nz), but has been one of our main guides for the past 6 seasons. Her enthusiasm and organization on multi-day trips is hard to beat. Sarah is a Senior Raft Guide and in our off season spends her time guiding trips in Japan and in the United States.

Dan Berger

Dan started with Canoe Safaris as a student looking for work experience. Four years on and he's still guiding trips as well as working for the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in their outdoor programs. Dan is a senior Raft Guide, sea kayak guide, and a keen rock climber.

Dylan Rollo

Dylan commutes to NZ from Canada each season to guide our Canoe and Raft trips (and paddle in warmer water!). A senior Raft guide, Dylan works full time on the rivers of Canada and NZ. If there's space on a trip then he'll bring along his guitar...

Simon Dixon

Simon is mostly found in the office these days, or behind the wheel of the bus, but still guides early (September/October) and late (May) Raft and Canoeing trips. Canoe and Raft guiding since 1983 and has spent at least a total of a whole year paddling the Whanganui River.


Tarsha comes to NZ from the US and comes highly recommended—by Sarah Cate, who is working with her. Tarsha is also a trained river guide/cook and has led 30 day expeditions (on horseback!)

James Thorp

James has worked with Dylan in Canada, but is from Australia. He has worked in the adventure tourism industry for many years as a Raft guide, kayaking instructor, safety kayaker and trekking leader. James is a professional Raft guide and has kayaked rivers call over the world.