Discover the Beautiful Majesty of the Whanganui River by Canoe

There is nothing like seeing the Whanganui River by canoe. A vast expanse of land surrounding an impressively long river, this region boasts natural wonders, a rich history, and incredible opportunities for outdoor recreation you won’t easily find anywhere else in the world. For those who love aquatic recreation, it’s a veritable paradise. At Canoe Safaris, we are excited to help others discover everything there is to love about the Whanganui River. While we offer a range of guided river safaris led by highly experienced individuals, we are also happy to provide visitors to the Whanganui region with a canoe freedom hire (including transport to and from the river) option as needed.

A History of Whanganui River Trips

Did you know that the river has a storied history and that today visitors continue a long tradition of navigating the Whanganui and its waters? Steeped in the details of a Maori legend, the Whanganui was not always solely a destination for recreation. What lies in the history of those who took trips up and down this river?

  • Over time, the Whanganui served as one of the primary conduits for commerce and transit from coastal New Zealand to the inner portions of the North Island. We are the latest in a long line of travellers to use the river. 
  • Economic development during New Zealand's settlement saw the regular sailing of steamboats on the river — and the area had its fair share of conflicts, too.


Why Canoe Safaris is the best decision for your Whanganui River Canoe rental.

Exploring this historical region is an exciting opportunity. When you want to see things up close and personal in the Whanganui River, a canoe hire is an easy way to navigate the area. Here’s how we deliver a valuable service for our rental clients:

  • Our hire periods begin at three days, allowing you to enjoy multiple days on the river with a well-kept canoe. Each day delivers the same value as the previous. 
  • We import our canoes from North America, specifically Canada and the United States, and we maintain them thoroughly. The result is an easier boating experience well worth the price of admission. 
  • Canoe Safaris is owned and operated by qualified and professional Canoe instructors and guides who have taught all over the world.  We know how rivers work, what most beginners concerns and limitations are, and how to overcome them with simple, clear and effective instruction and advice.  We pride ourselves on having the lowest capsize rate on the river!!

Did you know that we also offer personal locator beacons for hire? We strongly suggest carrying a locator beacon if you plan an extended trip — it’s a reliable lifeline to rescue services in the event of an emergency. ?

About Canoe Safaris

Founded more than four decades ago, the Canoe Safaris’ team of today carries on a legacy of delivering superb service to lovers of the outdoors. From our professional guided tours to our easy and accessible rental options, our goal has always been to provide others with the same opportunities to love the river. Ask us about how to plan an effective route for the most enjoyable outing. Contact us to make arrangements in advance now.