Thinking about a Whanganui Adventure? Try One of Our Safaris


If you’re thinking about booking one of our Whanganui day trips or overnight safaris, there are a few things you should know — both about the river and the tours we offer.

  • The Whanganui River has legal personhood. For centuries, the Whanganui River has carried a huge level of importance to the M?ori people, who have long cared for the river and considered it to be of strong spiritual significance. The river is so important that, as of March 2017, it has its own legal identity, which essentially means it is a legal person. We are respectful of this fact with our safaris and are adamant about showing the river care and respect.
  • Parts of the river can only be seen and experienced aboard a canoe or kayak. Much of the land around the Whanganui River is so remote that the river is effectively inaccessible in those areas. Thus, the only way to see and experience this life-affirming North Island attraction, is aboard a canoe.
  • Fully guided tours. Qualified, experienced guides lead all our trips, know the area well and offer a safe, amazing experience for all adventurers. Trust us when we say you are in good hands.


Statistics on Canoe Safaris and Our Whanganui Adventure Options

From distances to pricing information, we always hear questions from customers about the statistics of our business. Here are a few of the key facts and figures:

  • Canoe Safaris has been operating for more than 40 years. Kirsty & Phil took ownership of the business about two and a half years ago after working here since 2012, but Canoe Safaris has a considerable legacy dating back decades.
  • Tour options range in length and distance. We have simple one-day excursions for those who want a taste of the river, as well as five-day safaris for those seeking a lengthier getaway. Our shortest trip is about 22km, while our longest is 145km.
  • We have detailed itineraries. If you are wondering what the difference is between a three-day and four-day Rangitikei canoe safari, you can find the full list and pricing by further exploring our options. We have detailed itineraries for each variation of the trip.


Why Trust Canoe Safaris for Your Adventure Sports Experience?

If you are looking for exhilarating but safe North Island activities, you’ve come to the right place. We focus on safety and customer satisfaction from start to finish, providing training, practice and guidance throughout the journey. Even in the more difficult paddling sections, you’ll feel completely at ease with the help of our watchful guides. Contact us today to book your safari.