Experience a Once-in-a-Lifetime Journey with Our River Trips in NZ

During our river trips with NZ’s Canoe Safaris, we offer multi-day, guided canoe journeys on the Whanganui River and the Rangitikei River. Many of the sights travelers will see on these guided Whanganui tours are completely inaccessible from land, which means an adventure with us is unique. 


A few points of interest about the Rangitikei River 

If you are thinking about a canoe NZ trip along the Rangitikei River, you probably want to know a little more about it first. Here are some titbits and historical details about this beautiful force of nature.

  • It is one of New Zealand’s most underrated river journeys. Measuring at 185km in length (about 115 miles) the Rangitikei River is one of the most fascinating clear water journeys in New Zealand. Explore a large portion of the river with a three or four-day canoe safari or catch some of the highlights with a one or two-day tour.
  • It will be familiar to film fans. Famously, Oscar-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson shot his Lord of the Rings trilogy in New Zealand. The Rangitikei River featured in the first film, 2001’s The Fellowship of the Ring. Late in the movie, the protagonists paddle rowboats down the river, in the world of the films, the river is known as the Anduin.
  • It boasts an astonishing fish population. Fishing is a popular activity on the Rangitikei River, and for good reason. The river is home to a healthy population of both brown- and rainbow trout. Some of the fish — particularly those in the upper reaches — are known for their large, trophy-worthy sizes.



What You Should Know about Canoe Safaris and our Guided River Trips in NZ

If you are interested in exploring the Rangitikei River, then you have come to the right place. We offer opportunities to canoe New Zealand, including this world-famous river. If you’re thinking about joining one of our safaris, here are a few things you should know:

  • We use canoes, not kayaks. If you’re interested in kayaking in New Zealand, note that we focus our safaris around canoes rather than kayaks. The experience isn’t much different, and you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to careen down fun rapids whilst perfecting your canoe technique. Another benefit to Canoeing is the space to bring more comfortable camping equipment that takes a little extra space, something Kayaks are limited with.  
  • We are safe. Anyone can pull a canoe out onto a river and start paddling, but what we offer is a safe and fully guided experience. Before each safari, we provide a thorough safety brief, including paddling tips and practice time. We are also NZ Worksafe audited and listed on the NZ Adventure Activities Register, showing we use up to date, and best practice safety processes, the owner Phil has instructing and guiding qualifications and over 15 years experience from around the world.  In short, we really know our stuff and maintain that we provide the best equipment, and have the ability to make everyone a safe and competent canoeist.  
  • We have detailed itineraries. If you are wondering what the difference is between a three-day and four-day Rangitikei River Canoe Safari, explore the rest of our website. We have detailed itineraries for each variation of the trip.



Why Canoe Safaris is your best choice for exploring the Rangitikei River

Canoe Safaris is owned and operated by qualified and professional Canoe instructors and guides who have taught all over the world.  We know how rivers work, what most beginners concerns and limitations are, and how to overcome them with simple, clear and effective instruction and advice.  We pride ourselves on having the lowest capsize rate on the river!! We believe everyone who lives in New Zealand or is visiting the country should canoe the Rangitikei river at least once. We offer a fun and cost-effective way of taking these types of river trips in NZ. We provide all the equipment, the guides, delicious meals and the itinerary. You can sit back, paddle and take solace in the scenery. Contact us today to learn more.