The Whanganui River Journey

Whanganui River Canoe Tours -  New Zealand

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A Canoe Trip through the spectacular Whanganui National is a great way to unwind away from the pressures of everyday life. Just imagine a holiday away from it all, no cell phones, no television, no shops, no traffic. Just you and your partner, an open Canadian canoe, a few books maybe, and some friends to share in this unique experience. The most popular journey is the five day Whanganui experience. A vast portion of the stretch we cover is almost inaccessible from land. This is the type of adventure that all New Zealanders and visitors alike should experience at least once in their life. Words alone cannot describe its special magic.

"Hi Simon, we just wanted to thank-you very, very much for helping us with our Whanganui River journey. We all had an amazing time out there, and it is so great to finally experience a piece of New Zealand, which is so close to home, yet still so far enough away that you really feel in touch with the land. We heard many great things, from the Guides of other companies, about your organisation throughout the 3-days we were on the river, and it is nice to know that you provide a product/service that is held in such high regard by your competitors. Well done!!! "
Sara, Iain, Lachlan and Estelle, Russell and Tiffany

Whanganui River Journey River Trips

5 Day Guided Canoe Safari

Whanganui Canoe Safari

(90km or 125km) This is our most popular trip—if you want a real holiday away from the TV and phone then this is it. If you have children then this is an ideal option. There are 2 different starting points for the 5 day depending on river levels—Ohinepane or Whakahoro.

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4 Day Guided Safari

Whanganui Canoe Safari

This trip starts at Whakahoro and covers 90km to Pipiriki. Great for those with a little less time and who are a little fitter.

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3 Day Guided Voyageur

3 Day canoe trip on the Whanganui river

(90km) – If you have only 3 days but still want to relax then this is the trip for you. We've had two six person open canoes built to offer three day Whanganui trips in fully guided canoes. These canoes are based on the early Voyageur canoes from the fur trading days in Canada.

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Whanganui Canoe Rental

Rental Equiment

A do it yourself holiday!

Call for our group and family specials...

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3 Day Guided Canoe

(90km) – A Popular choice for fit backpackers or fit adults who are short on time. It is also an option early in the summer season when the river is generally a little higher.

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Bridge to Nowhere Bike Trip

Bridge to nowhere bike trip

In 1917 one of the most remote valleys of the upper Whanganui River was hastily opened up by the government for Settlement by Discharged Servicemen from the 1914–18 World War. However, this last great rural pioneering scheme in New Zealand proved a complete and utter failure.

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2 Day Bridge to Nowhere Canoe and Jetboat

Bridge to Nowhere

2 Day Whanganui Trip with Jetboat.

If you just don't have time for the 3 day trip then this is a great alternative.

This trip covers the scenic 87km section of the Whanganui National Park, and includes a jetboat ride down the last part of the river to Pipiriki.

Ideal for a 2 day weekend.

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2 Day Upper Whanganui

(37.5km or 57km) – Ideal if you have just a weekend to spare, or if you want to "test the water" before deciding on a longer trip. This trip takes in the upper section of the river down to Whakahoro and includes many of the historic sites and rapids. Two options depending on the river levels and group fitness.

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1 Day Lavender Farm Canoe

Beautiful sites of the Whanganui river

 Lavender Farm One Day Trip. This is a new trip for the season on the upper section of the Whanganui River. The trip departs from our base in Ohakune and we provide transport to the start at Taumarunui and back at the end of the day. There are many small bouncy rapids on the way to our takeout at Ohinepane - 22km downstream.

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