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Winter Ski Accommodation

Canoe Safaris Ltd.

The 2014 Mt Ruapehu Ski Seaon starts on the 28'th June, and kicks off with the Ohakune Mardi Gra

Guided Winter Trips

Canoe Safaris Ltd.


We do run some guided trips from May until October but limit these to the 3 day Whanganui Journey from Whakahoro to Pipiriki (87km).

Bridge and Paddle

Canoe Safaris Ltd.

Winter Canoe/Jetboat


Paddle to John Coull Hut on day one. After a half day paddle on day two walk to the Bridge to Nowhere and then catch the jetboat for a thrilling one hour ride down to Pipiriki.

Just bring a sleeping bag and personal gear and we'll do the rest.

Wetsuits and Booties provided.

Whanganui Special

Canoe Safaris Ltd.

1'st September–Spring!!  

We have canoe trips starting this month and the weather is much warmer and the days longer. The Tui and Bellbird are out on the riverbanks and will give you an early dawn chorus. We have a 4 day Whanganui trip starting on the 27'th September, and a 3 day Whanganui on the 5'th October.